Excerpt: The Factory

I learned, in this way, that everyone will tell you to discover your voice and speak your mind, until you do. So here we were, on our way to rediscover a time that never happened, so that everything could be the same as it never was.

You see, once you start out in life walking backwards, it isn’t very easy to turn around and walk forwards.

You can pretend, for a while. I really enjoyed pretending. I found out that you can wake up one day and decide to be a different person, at least on the outside, and, for a while, I quit thinking about the Alpha and the Omega, swirling back through time to infinity and forward to an infinite future, no beginning or end, incomprehensible.

I practiced a kind of self-enforced brain damage. I never told the things I had read in the manuscripts.

I was looking for something then. Mostly I wanted good times, stiff drinks, and like other girls, love.

Instead, I found Leslie.


The Psychology of a House

Abigail Swire

life as a house 1

I spent a lot of time explaining to my wonderful high school students how a word’s connotation differs from its literal meaning. The most ready example is “What do you think of when you hear the word home? How is a ‘home’ different from a ‘house’?”

Well, they said, home is where you feel comfortable. And safe. And loved.

Some people spend their whole lives looking for home.

Plenty of research is out there to tell you how your home or office space impacts your physical and mental health. Obviously, it should not have mold in the walls. Tripping over vagrants on your way up the stairs tends to be dirty and depressing, as is finding any human waste or remains on the threshhold. (According to a friend who rented a cheap apartment in New Jersey).

Plants green up a space and make it come alive. Blue light should…

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