Life is no Fairy Tale.

 At least you get to make up your own story as you go.

Maybe you are a stellar marketer, a sales wiz, a genius entrepreneur.  You built a business from the ground up. You design world-class skyscrapers. You perform brain surgery with one hand and wire the latest spacecraft with the other, all over your morning coffee. But when you stare at a  computer screen trying to write something, your mind goes blank.

What Good Am I?

  • Website Content – Build on your idea or start from scratch
  •  Blog Posts- Might as well hop on that train. Come on, everyone else is doing it.
  • Ghostwriting- (No, I don’t write about ghosts, although I will if you tell me to.) We will brainstorm together to produce content that represents your voice.
  •  Category Descriptions
  •  Articles for Web and Print
  •  Research


The future of marketing is not in advertising anymore; it is in engaging your clients through various forms of storytelling. Inform them. Entertain them. Most of all, keep constant contact with your clients to show that you care.

Some stories I tell involve:

  • Real Estate
  • Home Design
  • Architecture
  • Antiques and Valuables
  • History
  • Science
  • Literature

Let’s put our heads together. Email me or fill out a contact form today.