Why Hiring a Freelance Content Writer is SMART

smart chess kid


Having a creative in house marketing team is great, but… . Think of all the added costs of paying one or more full time employees, plus health insurance, dental, PTO, etc., and subtract that from your revenue. This bottom line is why the future of content writing, marketing, and graphic design lies in a freelance economy.


Do you have a project coming up that requires a specialist in email marketing, newsletters, or multimedia? The freelance world is full of specialists in these areas available for hire on a contract basis, no added training needed. Additionally, freelancers are business owners like you. They wish to please, and are often willing to work on several drafts of a project until you are satisfied. Usually, both parties will come to an agreement while drawing up the contract stating how many revisions or hours will be spent on the project.


You know this old adage well. So does your freelancer. You will often get more bang for your buck out of a freelance employee because he or she needs referrals in order to win more clients. If the freelancer has agreed to a flat rate for services rendered on your project, they will strive to complete the order in the most efficient manner possible. Freelancers are often open to accepting projects with quick turnarounds to build their portfolios.

Still hooked on the idea of a creative team with its members bouncing ideas off of each other? Freelancers know other freelancers, and can be hired as teams to bring a project to its full potential. So, if you are looking to decrease business expenses, increase productivity, and increase revenue for your business, hiring a freelancer might be an option worth considering.


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