5 Must-Have Design Elements for Your Unique Space


It only takes one design element to take your space from blah to brilliant. Whether it is lighting that creates a mood, or a fun focal point for the room, a piece that speaks to you is all it takes to make you feel at home. There are a lot of things your home can do without. These five things are not them.



Slip into something comfortable, like the Bathsphere. The Bathsphere makes me want to buy a NYC penthouse just so I can look out over the city from this thing. A concept design by the creators at Alexander Zhukovsky, the Bathsphere lets you change the temperature, lighting, sounds, humidity, and smells. You can even simulate rain. Big enough for two, the Bathsphere is the perfect escape inside your own glass bubble.


Novelty Staircase

Modern Staircase

New takes on the traditional staircase are definately IN. This industrial art nouveau number by Workshop/apd home designers is made from sheet metal perforated with a laser-cut design.


Swing Table

A swing table brings an island vacation spot into your dining area

What better way to add some vibrant fun to your boring dining exeperience? Sip on a glass of wine and pretend you’re at an island bar with a swing table! Don’t forget to take your seasick pill, though.


Secret Passage


Who hasn’t always wanted a secret passage hidden behind a bookcase? The hidden door above was designed by Peter Pennoyer Architects. Many suppliers offer your choice of folding, single-mount, or French Door styles, or you can try your hand at a  DIY secret-door bookshelf.


Atmospheric Light Fixture

The “Forms of Nature” chandelier by Hilden and Diaz will turn your room into a forgotten forest, if it isn’t already. Let the prince chop his way to Sleeping Beauty’s castle while you read peacefully in your bed. But, if you fall asleep with the light on, you may wake to a scene of nightmarish proportions.

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