5 Creative Ways to Steampunk Your Home for the Holidays

What could be more comfy-cozy than a hint of Steampunk for those chilly days indoors? Sometimes you can use what you already have or find a few simple (and inexpensive) items at consignment stores, thrift stores, or garage sales to get this trendy decor look.

Wait. First of all, what is it? When I say “steampunk”, I still get funny looks from people. Steampunk is a style (clothing, decor, design) that incorporates elements of science fiction/ fantasy with Victorian ornamentation and steam-powered technology. There are variations such as western cowboy, etc. For your home, it means you get to blend traditional and futuristic in fun ways.

Add a Steamer Trunk 

steamer-trunkSteamer trunks can be found anywhere, from Craigslist, to consignment stores, to custom models in mainstream decor retailers. Use them at the foot of the bed or as a coffee table. If an older model, you can always touch up the inside with wallpaper or fabric. steamer-trunk-2




The Victorian look was comfortable, formal, and a little more cluttered than the modern palette is used to. Think receiving parlors with tufted furniture arranged in small clusters, dark colors, velvet and leather textures.

Victorians loved to fill the tiny, closed-off rooms of 19th century houses with alot of random knickknacks and excess ornamentation. Whether it is a collection of porcelain figurines, a terrestrial globe, or some distinguished bookends, a few classic pieces can make your space more warm and inviting.steampunk-interior-design-style-and-decorating-ideas-9

Notice how this designer complemented a steampunk space with framed maps, candles, and a discreetly placed stack of books.

Shiny Things, Pipes, Gadgets, and Gauges

Steampunk gadgetry is the hippest in warm industrial chic. Think copper pipes, enticing light fixtures, steel, timepieces, and gauges. It doesn’t get any better.


steampunk-pulley-lightUnless you have some copper pipe lying around, innovative gadgetry can run a little on the expensive side, even if you buy PVC from Home Depot and spray it with a metallic coat. Cheers to you if you are talented enough to put on your welding mask and let the sparks fly. Diddo if you can wire some of these sweet fixtures.


Here is one DIY video tutorial for making an industrial pipe light fixture.

This is a wonderful piece made by Machine Age Lamps incorporating gauges, pipes, and lighting.steampunk-gauge-lamp

And, although I have no idea where you would get one or how much it would cost, this stylish bar made from a 1920’s German light bulb voltage tester can’t be left out… .                           steampunk-bar


Make It Your Own

There are a number of ways to get the steampunk look without going broke or renovating your entire home. Start simple. Notice how a few choice items give this rustic industrial bedroom its dilapidated glamour.industrial-bedroom-indeed-decor

Fixture covers can be upcycled from wire whisks and colanders. Add some framed botanicals and an old rotary fan or other vintage treasures. Or try something as easy as this DIY suitcase table. suitcase-table


Nostalgia and Innovation

The wonderful thing about steampunk is that it is modern and sentimental at the same time. It combines rough industrial textures with items that have personal meaning. It remembers fondly and dreams forward.

These adorable snowflakes with painted metal effects were featured in a shop on Etsy.steampunk-snowflakes




The DIY network from HGTV has some elegant ideas on steampunking for the holidays.


steampunk-mantelYou don’t have to go all out when you winterize with steam. Start off with a few small, meaningful items and maybe one solid piece of furniture or sculpture you can use as a focal point for your cheerful home. If you have the time, make it a family activity to create some crafty gadgets on your own to keep the tradition of togetherness during those cold winter days.


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