submissions call: comp/ anthology "Don't Wake the Beast"

Photo “Iron Maiden” by Abigail Swire.

This is an idea I just kind of threw out there. It will be a compilation of work from writers, artists, and photographers about your interpretation of how domestic/family violence impacts us as individuals and as a society.

Looking for short fiction, essays, photography, and artwork that explore this theme. Tentative deadline January 31. This project is meant to be a collaboration, meaning no one is in charge. Any proceeds can be split, whatever we agree upon. The idea would be to publish and present to various organizations and educational institutions in order to empathize, represent, recognize the signs, even prevent.

I welcome any help or suggestions. Some of us have already discussed some of these details/ possible connections, etc. Please remember, although we would want your work to be filled with insight and truth, the audience may be younger people, so construct accordingly. You can dm me with interest; we can connect by email.